Mango sallad with tofu and glass-noddles

I made this super tasty mango sallad for lunch the other day. It’s a perfect mix between sweet, tangy and salty, the kids really loved it.

Serves 5

2 package of glass noodles

2 package of tofu (500g)

2 mango sliced

Loads of fresh coriander and peppermint at least one big hand full of each

a half cucumber

1/4 cabbage in super thin slices. Use an mandolin or cheese-slicer

3 carrots in thin slices

2 onions sliced

5 cloves of garlic chopped

1 tbsp fresh ginger chopped



1 -2 tsp of coconut sugar or brown sugar (taste!)

Roasted sesame seeds

oil for frying


2 dl japanese soy

1 dl mirin

a tablespoon with roasted sesame oil

juice from one lime OR lemon

chiliflakes or fresh chili ( to taste)



Soak the noodles in hot water with some salt.

Fry the garlic onions and ginger until golden brown in a wok pan, put aside and let the oil be really warm and add half of the tofu stir it so it doesn’t stick to the wok, when golden brown put i a bowl and fry the rest. Add salt and pepper to your taste and mix it.

mix all the veggies, mango and herbs in a big bowl and add the coconut sugar or brown sugar, sprinkle with some fresh chili or chiliflakes.

I prefer to have to tofu and the noddles on the side and mix on the plate. Otherwise you could mix everything together and add some dressing.

Top it with some roasted sesame seeds, more fresh herbs and dressing.




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