Deep-fried chickpea tofu

Some months ago I found My new roots Chickpea tofu recipe online and since then I was so curios to try it.

Finally I made it and wanted to try the twice fried besan tofu that they eat in burma. It was really nice, it was crispy and then it melted away in the mouth.

So what I did was just that I deep-fried it, two times, until golden on highest temperature in a thick saucepan and let i dry on some paper.

I think mine was a little bit to wet, and I found another easier recipe that I will try next time at Vegan Richa. It looks harder than the other one. I also put a little bit to much turmeric.I think it would be super nice to season it with garam masala or some other curry.

So if you don’t do the miss with to much turmeric, it will be a super tasty dish, especially to eat with a nice dip-sauce and sallad.





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