Gluten free buckwheat bread

This bread is really nice and you can chose to make it in a bread pan or as small breads, sometimes I even triple the recipe and just put it in two bakingtrays and cut intim squares when it’s cold. Since we are 7 persons in the family we eat a lot of bread. 

1 bread

7 dl water

1 tbsp of honey or other sweetener 

25 gram yeast or one package dried yeast

3 dl buckwheat flour

2 dl rice/millet/durra flour

2 dl grained oatrolls 

1 dl sunflower seeds

0,5 dl flaxseeds

0,5 dl sesame seeds 

0,75 potato fiber ( if you can’t find just add 1 dl more buckwheat flour)

2 tbsp psyllium husk

1 tsp salt
Mix the water with honey and yeast. Let it rest for 10 minutes or until it’s foamy. 

Mix all the dry ingredients in an bowl and  then add the water, knead the dough by hand or in a machine for at least 10 minutes. 

Make small breads, put in baking trays or bread forms. Let it rest for 45 minutes and then bake in the oven 30 min for small breads, 75 minutes if you use a bread form, in 200 degrees C. I always heat the oven to 250 degrees and then lower to 200. It tastes best if you let it rest over the night or at least for some hours. 


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