Gluten free poori or chapati

This is one of the tasties breads to eat with indian food. It’s really easy to make. This time I used a mix with durra and teff flour. The other times I have used buckwheat. Both are delicious. You can choose between making chapatis that you fry in a hot skillet or poori that you deep fry. I love to make the chapatis on our wood stove, then I can fry so many at the same time. 

3 dl flour

1 dl water

1 tbsp oil

A pinch of salt. 

Mix the flour with salt and oil, then add the water little at a time. You want to ohave a sturdy, not sticky dough that sticks together. You need to have flour so they don’t stick to the rolling pin or the surface. Better use more then less. Take small ball 3-4 cm and make a circular thin piece. Fry in a really hot skillet or deep fry in a pan with plenty of oil.


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