Pizza – Gluten Free and Vegan

Yesterday was international pizza day and I wanted to make a vegan gluten free pizza. The gluten free pizza crusts I’ve been trying to make haven’t been so crunchy and nice as I want it to be. So today I decided to try to make it with my teff and durra flour and no psyllium or extra starch. It turned out to be the best pizza I ever tasted. Crispy perfectly salt. The pizza sauce I made will get it’s own recipe because it’s also my best pasta sauce base.

4-5 medium sized pizzas

4 dl teff flour

4 dl durra flour

25 gram yeast ( I used 1 package of dry yeast)

3 dl water

2 tbsp oil

1-1,5 tsp himalaya salt

If young fresh yeast, mix it with the water and oil, then mix all the dry ingredients together by hand or in a machine. I made mine in my food processor, but you could easily make it by hand.

Pour in the liquids and mix to a soft and non sticky dough, if you need add a little bit more water or flour since different brands of flour can soak different amounts of water. When the dough feels good, put it in an bowl with a kitchen clot on top and let it rest for minimum 30 min.

Take a piece of the dough and sprinkle with plenty of flour, use a rolling pin or press it with your hand to make it as thin as possible, leave the edge a little thicker. Always use your fingertips to press out the middle before adding the topping, so you make sure that its’ really thin, to get it crunchy. Add the topping and bake in the owen for 10-15 min, on 250 degrees. To make the best and crunchiest pizza, use an owen tray and flip it upside down and let it heat in the owen, then put the pizza on a baking sheet and then on top of the hot tray. Open the oven now and then and lift it upp with an spatula to feel if it’s really done. When it’s done the whole crust is crunchy.

My topping is tomato sauce, eggplant/aubergine, tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, rosemary, salt, pepper and olive oil with garlic. I added fresh basil, more olive oil and sprouts before eating.


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